The Value Profile Service

Where innovation starts


It's a simple truth that you can't get to where you want to go until you know where you are. Many organizations struggle to take on new business initiatives amid a backdrop of resource, budget, and time constraints. "Keeping the lights on" is often the typical strategy. Innovation is the way forward. But what does innovation look like for your business and for your applications? How and where do you start?

The Micro Focus Value Profile Service

Start here – the first step on your modernization journey. We will review your COBOL application portfolio against your business and technical goals, aligning each with a roadmap to progress.

What is it?

It's a comprehensive assessment of your COBOL application portfolio, driven by an interactive set of discussions and interviews. It's a collaborative event that will point the way to future improvements for your business and your COBOL application.

What you get

  • A detailed, on-site assessment from an experienced, knowledgeable modernization representative
  • A customized report with short and long-term solutions detailing your modernization journey
  • The experience of subject matter experts who have delivered similar industry modernization projects

We're here to help

This assessment is an exclusive, free-of-charge service for qualified customers. Find out more by registering your interest and downloading the comprehensive brochure.

Let's get that journey started.

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