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Cloud Data Security

If your company is like most, you are rapidly adopting a “cloud first” or “cloud only” approach for new IT functions and business. Most likely you have decentralized IT, frequent mergers and acquisitions, and shadow IT. In short, you are multi-cloud, leveraging more than one Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Why read this white paper?

Data security is rarely the first consideration for the selection of a CSP. But the emergence of strict data privacy regulations such as the CCPA and the GDPR, drive the need to address data protection and governance more effectively.

If you look to the CSPs for privacy and security solutions, you may struggle with the confusing array of security models and services they offer.

Key topics in this paper include:

  • A review of Cloud Service Provider offerings in cloud crypto and key management.
  • Recommendations for cloud crypto service selection and strategic selection criteria.

Cloud Data Security

Cloud Service Providers offer a sometimes-confusing array of security models and services.

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