White Paper

Fortify + Sonatype PeerPaper

Read reviews from customers of Fortify + Sonatype to learn how they have increased developer productivity and mitigated risk.

In this white paper, learn how you can:

  • Secure your custom code with static application security testing from Fortify by OpenText
  • Secure your open source code with software composition analysis from Sonatype
  • View integrated SAST and SCA results in one single dashboard in Fortify Software Security Center

Fortify + Sonatype deliver SAST and SCA from a single pane of glass view.

Combining Sonatype and Fortify provides an invaluable holistic view of the application code developed by the factory.

Learn more: Read more reviews and download the PeerPaper today!

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Fri Jul 19 15:51:10 PDT 2024