KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report: Access Management and Federation


Why read the report?

This KuppingerCole Leadership Compass provides insights to the leaders in innovation, product features, and market reach for Access Management on-premises, cloud, and hybrid platforms.

Access Management includes the capabilities supporting an organization’s access management requirements traditionally found within Web Access Management & Identity Federation solutions, such as:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Single Sign-On
  • Identity Federation

These access management capabilities are well-established areas in IAM’s broader scope (Identity and Access Management). They continue to gain attraction due to emerging requirements for integrating business partners and customers.

CIAM (Customer identity and access management) solutions should be able to manage privacy policies, terms of service, and data sharing arrangements, and enable compliance with data sharing and privacy regulations, such as consumer notification and consent management.

Why NetIQ is the best choice to manage Access Management across your enterprise:

Analysts from KuppingerCole identify Micro Focus’s NetIQ among the access management leaders as they evaluate and assess innovation, capabilities, and market reach as they observe NetIQ Access Manager as one of the first vendors to merge identity federation with a full-featured web-access management solution.

NetIQ is part of CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business.

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KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report: Access Management and Federation
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