The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is an analyst report that provides an overview of the major IGA vendors and their product and services offerings. The report provides in-depth analysis of key capabilities required for identity provisioning and access governance.

NetIQ Identity Governance and Administration (reviewed as Micro Focus) was rated an Overall Leader for Identity Governance and Administration, as well as a Leader in the three areas of assessment: Product, Innovation, and Market.

Key Micro Focus strengths as noted by KuppingerCole include:

  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Good target system support
  • User self-service and admin support
  • Good access governance
  • Strong support for IGA analytics and access intelligence capabilities
  • Good workflow and automation capabilities
  • Aggressively moving to a more modernized and flexible architecture
  • Very large customer base and strong partner ecosystem

This Identity Governance and Administration Leadership Compass focuses on the vendors that offer both Identity Lifecycle Management and Access Governance capabilities, either as a common product or separate but integrable product components to deliver capabilities across the IGA spectrum.

NetIQ is part of CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business.

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for IdentityGovernance and Administration (IGA)
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