“Security analytics and operations can be complex, requiring highly skilled professionals and detailed processes. To overcome these issues, security teams tend to deploy an array of security analytics tools and technologies to collect, process, analyze, and act upon growing volumes of security telemetry. Despite this investment, however, many organizations continue to find it difficult to manage cyber risk or detect and respond to cyber incidents.”

Micro Focus recently sponsored a research project from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) into the latest cloud and security operations trends within the United States and Canada. With their research, ESG sought to identify and understand current market trends, challenges, strategies, and plans for security analytics and operations, with a focus on cloud implementation. Based on responses from 406 IT and cybersecurity professionals across many organizations and industries, key findings from this research are now available to security professionals everywhere through an easy-to-digest eBook. Gain the market insight you need by downloading the eBook today!

Research highlights include:

  • Common security objectives
  • Security tool deployment
  • Cloud integration preferences
  • Trends with SIEM and SOAR
  • Machine learning integration

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The Rise of Cloud-Based Security Analytics and Operations Technologies
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