The time and cost involved in remediating unsecure code is motivating the most savvy development teams to build security into their applications as soon as possible within the secure development life-cycle (SDLC). They recognize that the easiest way to avoid application vulnerabilities is to not create them in the first place as they design and create code.

Unfortunately, teams who exercise that level of awareness and capability are rare in today’s highly competitive market for software applications. But, if software development organizations are going to satisfy their customers who are delivering – and utilizing – the billions of endpoints across mobile, enterprise, and IoT devices, application security will have to be a top priority.

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  1. What behaviors in the software community necessitate application security practices?
  2. What processes and products enable application security risks to be mitigated?
  3. What questions do application development teams need to answer in order to determine their next steps in application security risk mitigation?
The 2019 TechBeacon Buyer’s Guide for Application Security
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