White Paper

Best Practices for File Governance

If data is the currency of the enterprise, why do we know so little about what's happening with it? Good file governance is a necessity if an organization is to protect its most valuable data assets from security risks like ransomware and data breaches, and from noncompliance with its regulatory and legal obligations.

In this white paper, learn how you can:

  • Understand what good file governance really means.
  • Find out why defensible deletion is essential as part of information governance.
  • Learn to view data as an asset—and a security risk.

Protect Data with File Governance

Find best practices for proper file governance, gained from hours of exhaustive research and analysis on the key areas of good governance policy—compliance, security, and automation.

“Good file governance requires a change of mindset, including viewing data as both a critical asset and a major security risk.”

Learn more: Download the white paper today.

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