Best Practices for File Governance


File governance is a hot topic for organizational policy (and IT) in the era of breaches, rogue file shares, and unknown, unstructured files, and the reason why is clear: if data is the currency of the enterprise, why do we know so little about what's happening with it?

So, what's the solution, and how do world-class organizations get the most from their data?

In this white paper from Osterman Research you'll find best practices for proper file governance, gained from hours of exhaustive research and analysis on the key areas of good governance policy—compliance, security, and automation.

You'll learn:   

  • What to consider for GDPR and other, new privacy legislation   
  • How to address the full governance lifecycle, from creation and protection, to access rights and deletion   
  • The mindset shift you need for successful governance

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Best Practices for File Governance
Best Practices for File Governance
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