White Paper

Options for Messaging When Exchange Server and Microsoft 365 No Longer Work

Many organizations find they can no longer rely on Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft 365. Data privacy, protection, and sovereignty concerns have already resulted in usage bans in several European countries.

This white paper investigates the current roadblocks with Exchange Server and Microsoft 365.

Learn how you can:

  • Make strategic plans if Microsoft’s enterprise messaging platform has become untenable.
  • Avoid Exchange-focused attacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Know what to look for when replacing Microsoft messaging.

Find the right messaging option

If your organization can no longer use Microsoft, find an alternative that keeps you compliant with your country’s regulations.

Look for a vendor offering a level of focus and innovation around on-premises infrastructure that matches the primacy of Microsoft’s focus on cloud infrastructure and services.”

Learn more: Download the white paper today.

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