Vibe 4.0.5 Release Webinar


We are pleased to announce the latest release of Micro Focus Vibe! Vibe brings people, projects, and processes together in one secure place to enhance team productivity – no matter where the team is or what devices they use.

Vibe 4.0.5 features the following:

  • A redesigned and enhanced download page for user applications
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection is now enabled by default (NOTE: This change might affect customizations; however, it enhances security)
  • The Edit-in-Place Java Applet has been replaced with platform-specific executables
  • The File Upload Applet has been upgraded to HTML5-based functionality
  • OpenJDK replaces other Java installations for Vibe
  • Oracle Stellent has been replaced by Micro Focus KeyView for HTML-viewing and text-filtering functionality
  • The Workflow Designer applet has been replaced with HTML5-based functionality
  • SLES 15 Support

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Vibe 4.0.5 Release Preview
release-rel-2022-1-2-7091 | Wed Jan 19 20:14:11 PST 2022
Wed Jan 19 20:14:11 PST 2022