Top c-level challenges and concerns


A recent survey asked C-level Executives that very question, and compiled a list of their insomnia-inducing issues. The issues they identified can be solved, but where do you begin?

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A major hospital in Boston, MA implemented a unified archiving solution, and was able to see an immediate ROI through reduced costs and a reduced burden on IT. The hospital empowered its employees by enabling them to access their communication data directly in the archive. By doing so, the hospital significantly reduced the amount of time and resources IT previously spent finding lost or deleted email. The hospital estimated that an average of 22 hours per week had been saved from searching for lost email alone.

Once implemented, the archiving solution provided the legal teams direct access to all of the hospital’s electronic communication data. This enabled them to quickly access the information, do a complete case assessment, eDiscovery, redaction, and data export without having to wait for assistance from IT, or continuing to go back to IT when data was missing. The hospital estimated an average savings of US$26,000 per week in legal fees after having implemented this solution.

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Top c-level challenges and concerns
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