Analyst Report

A Forrester Buyer’s Guide to Employee Services Chatbots

Conversational AI chatbots are becoming more powerful, thanks to advances in large language models. But what are the key factors for maximizing chatbot ROI?

Insights from Forrester guide:

  • Measuring success—Setting and meeting realistic expectations.
  • Buying priorities—Addressing current and future needs.
  • Product features—Understanding the five differentiators that matter.

Identify your path to chatbot ROI

Do your homework to ensure value.

Service desks, IT, and employee services are overwhelmed and must turn to alternative solutions to automate and accelerate support for employees. . . . Teams are trying to understand which solutions can make the fastest difference for their organization. . . . To improve your chances of successful [chatbot] adoption, you’ll need to look at business objectives, the landscape of offerings, buying circumstances, and key features.”

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Thu Oct 5 23:47:08 PDT 2023