Data Protection Gaps are Leaving Companies Vulnerable: A Global Survey of IT Professionals

Dimensional Research recently conducted a global survey of 355 IT professionals on data protection to gather hard data on market
trends, customer challenges and functionality gaps in available products, and their business impact —with a mission to help technology companies make smarter business decisions about products and solutions that they deploy and use.

Key findings shed some light on how companies are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy for data protection, what types of issues they encounter with backup and recovery and what are their top challenges. This research also finds that half of companies that experienced a security breach stated they lost data, validating a continuing increase in cybercrime incidents. Based on the survey results it is clear that data protection gaps leave many companies vulnerable and that a hybrid IT-capable data protection solution is needed to mitigate these expanding risks. 

Read this white paper to get a complete view of the survey and understand what other IT professionals do for data protection and what they are looking for. 

Data Protection Gaps are Leaving Companies Vulnerable
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