EMA AIOps 2020 Radar Report

A guide for investing in innovation with AIOps


AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) can and should be transformative in enabling more effective decision-making, data sharing, and analytics-driven automation.

The message for IT organizations looking to pursue a forward path in AIOps adoption is overall a strongly positive one.

This report highlights a specific set of core criteria for implementing successful AIOps and showcases different vendor’s abilities to deliver against these requirements. Learn how the following AIOps use cases can benefit you:

  • Cross-domain application, infrastructure, and performance management
  • Capacity management and infrastructure optimization
  • DevOps/Agility
  • End-user experience/customer experience management and business alignment
  • Integrated security and operations (SecOps)
  • Cost management
  • Change management

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EMA AIOps 2020 Radar Report
EMA AIOps 2020 Radar Report
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