Enterprise Service Management can transform IT’s position within the business, new research study says

Not quite ready to embrace Enterprise Service Management (ESM)? Think again. ITSM teams who support ESM become the darlings of the C-Suite.


Enterprise Service Management is surprisingly effective at harnessing existing investments to boost operational efficiencies at very little added cost. This is the very definition of success for the executive suite, and they are paying attention.

If your organization has already invested in AI, analytics and IT service management automation, your chances of dramatic success with ESM are almost guaranteed, according to in-depth research EMA recently conducted with 400 global IT executives and practitioners. But they found that even the most basic ESM initiatives will return significant gains. Their new study, Enterprise Service Management (ESM): It’s Closer Than You Think, reveals the low-hanging fruit in many organizations that is ripe for ESM.

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  • How ITSM Teams are implementing ESM
  • How ESM benefits from AI, automation and analytics
  • Why executives love teams who deliver ESM
  • Areas of the organization that lend themselves to ESM
  • How to get started

Request this free 7-page research study today, and see if ESM is a good fit for your team.

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Tue Nov 22 15:06:16 PST 2022