Multicloud monitoring: How to ensure success the first time

With 92% of enterprises now using multiple cloud vendors, the complexity of managing a heterogeneous multi-cloud infrastructure continues to increase dramatically. If you’re like many organizations, you probably rely on native cloud monitoring tools that let you manage cloud silos individually. But that’s not enough. You need IT operations processes and tools to monitor and manage across all of your private and public clouds, as well as traditional platforms, such as legacy ERP, distributed computing and other on-premises resources.

And you’re running out of time to do it. Given the growth of both cloud and on-premises systems, most enterprise have a six- to eight-month window to get their monitoring and management act together before the complexity overwhelms, says David LInthicum, cloud computing thought leader, consultant, and principal at Linthicum Research, LLC.

Fortunately, managing a multi-cloud environment doesn’t have to be a complicated affair.

Emerging IT Ops processes and tools can solve your complexity problems—and eliminate them going forward—but only if you make the right choices. For example, the right tools should provide a single pane of glass that monitors across private and public clouds as well as traditional platforms, such as legacy ERP, distributed computing and other on-premises resources.

How do you do it? Here are David’s six recommendations:

  • Use monitoring tools designed from the ground up for heterogeneous multi-cloud environments
  • Leverage a configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Have  a mechanism that can sense, analyze, adapt and visualize to help admis solve tactical problems before they become outages
  • Use a monitoring tool that provides anomaly detection across all cloud and traditional platforms
  • Use monitoring tools that support automation
  • Take advantage of monitoring analytics

Want to know more? Download David’s white paper, “Understanding Multicloud Monitoring: Ensure Success the First Time,” now.

As multicloud complexity increases, so does the cost—well beyond budget.
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