Network Observability: Delivering Actionable Insights to Network Operations

Based on survey and interview responses from more than 400 network professionals, this research from EMA offers a clear definition of Network Observability and guidance on how you can use it to face your network monitoring challenges.

Report insights include:

  • Why only 26% of NetOPS teams see success with their current monitoring tools
  • What your NetOps peers think network observability should mean
  • How to pick the right network observability solution in an evolving market
  • How to separate hype from reality when it comes to network observability


Tools must find and present insights so that users can spend less time staring at data and more time acting.

Only 43.8% of respondents believe they have a network observability tool that can truly answer any question about the network.

It's clear that organizations want tools that enable the NOC to solve more problems without escalating to other experts.

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