The Hidden Superpowers of Solutions Business Manager

If you're not using rules, delayed notifications, and email responses, you're not an SBM ninja.


Are you fully exploiting the strengths of Solutions Business Manager notifications? A certified SBM ninja and a member of the backline group train you in the secret art of notifications and email responses.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • Why rules and delayed notifications are two of the hidden superpowers of Solutions Business Manager
  • How to run a web service from a notification – and how to ramp up the power by adding rules and delays
  • How to enable a secret word that immediately raises items to high priority
  • 3 basic requirements for successfully implementing email responses

Watch these two tech leaders demonstrate how to post to RSS feeds, run scripts, transition, and add and delay notifications. Your ninja training is about to begin.

This webinar is from the spring 2016 meeting of the SBM Virtual User Group.

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