OneSource Intranet Accelerator for SharePoint


We live in an age of hyper-connectivity, a digital workplace and the ‘always on’ business. An age where being the first to know and the first to act is often the difference between success and failure. You want an effective intranet so you can deliver to your team the most up-to-date information readily available, on any device, whether they are in the office, in front of customers, or on the go. Micro Focus OneSource Intranet Accelerator for SharePoint is a content management system (CMS) delivered as a service, which helps you unleash the power of Microsoft SharePoint, one of the most popular corporate intranet platforms. It saves you time and money by eliminating the need for expensive SharePoint developers and empowering your business users and content owners to be up and running in days, publishing to and communicating with your users using an intuitive interface, ensuring they have access to the latest and greatest content.

OneSource Intranet Accelerator for SharePoint
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Wed Sep 14 16:06:11 PDT 2022