Race to the Cloud. Cloud Transformation eBook


The cloud plays a lead role in most digital transformation initiatives. Organizations are pursuing hybrid IT and multi-cloud strategies to support digitization, accelerate application delivery, increase agility in IT operations and better secure their digital businesses.

‘Race to the Cloud’ offers recommendations for developing, provisioning, operating and securing innovative application services in the cloud.

There are great advantages to cloud computing. But there are also significant challenges.

Because cloud and digital transformation initiatives often overlap, organizations are looking for enterprise software providers with broad-based solutions to address these challenges while aligning to the industry best practice value streams known as IT4IT (insert TM mark) from The Open Group. The cloud transformation approach covered here, discusses the importance of aligning your automation workflows to support the implementation of industry proven IT4IT value streams.

This eBook examines the key facets of cloud transformation by working through the lens of a typical technology lifecycle of plan, build, deliver, run and secure.

Our solutions and services are designed to help you enable and implement proven value streams using our products, driven by your organizational needs. Your cloud transformation initiatives could not be resting on a more solid foundation.

Race to the Cloud Cloud Transformation eBook
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