Analyst Report

Vendor Selection Matrix™ Enterprise Service Management Solutions

Learn about ESM trends, top ESM vendors, and why the OpenText solution is ranked a market leader.

Key insights include:

  • IT service workflow automation remains a top priority.
  • Increasing collaboration between IT and non-IT drives ESM opportunities.
  • Employee empowerment plays a role in improving customer experiences.

OpenText is Ranked a Market Leader

Micro Focus (now OpenText) has the broadest solution depth and breadth across all vendors in the market.

Customers from all verticals and geographic locations like SMAX [the OpenText solution], its breadth, and depth and the ability to consume functional modules on a common technical platform. The survey respondents [gave it] the highest score for both customer satisfaction and price versus value ratio.”

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Fri Jul 19 15:51:10 PDT 2024