Five tips for getting the most from your secure software development testing budget by Gartner


Every business today relies on applications to run and be profitable and developing secure applications has become an essential necessity for organizations of all sizes. Keeping up with the speed and volume for business needs while maintaining release deadlines and development budgets is only achievable when application security is an integral part of the software development process. Balancing the effectiveness and the budget for security testing of applications remains to be a key factor in delivering applications on time, on budget in a secure way. 

Why read the report? 

Using a variety of security testing methods and tools are key in having complete coverage and improved probability of detecting security issues within software development lifecycle. Optimizing the penetration testing budgets and getting a better return on this investment can be achieved through a strategic approach. 

Download the “Five Tips for Getting the Most From Your Secure Software Development Testing Budget” report by Gartner to see Gartner’s view on getting the most out of your security testing budget covering: 

  • Key Challenges 
  • Analysis 
  • Recommendations 

Here’s a sample visual from the report: 

Gartner, Five Tips for Getting the Most From Your Secure Software Development Testing Budget, 2 July 2018, Mark Horvath

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