Build Performance Tests
Like Other Tests

Straight from your IDE into your tool chain.
With no license or fuss, you can script, model scenarios, run tests, and quickly analyse results right in your developer ecosystem. How? We built LoadRunner Developer for web protocol performance and load testing with engineers in mind.

Shift left

Now you can start performance testing earlier in the development cycle, when and wherever you want.

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Save time and costs

Work natively in your IDE of choice across multiple scripting languages, such as JavaScript.


Improve operational efficiency

Use any IDE and integrate with any CI/CD tool:

  • Record scripts and run tests in your ecosystem.
  • Scale natively run scripts and reuse LoadRunner and third-party assets.
  • Enjoy fast, easy scripting—no need for C implementations to read JSON, or similar tricks.
  • Leverage open source reporting, such as Grafana.

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