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Case study

Micro Focus SMAX provides configurable and user-friendly service portal, while improving IT technician teamwork and efficiency


To create more efficiency in managing IT queries from its end users, Allied Motion looked for an automated service desk management solution. This would channel all requests into one central location, instead of to different places via email or phone. Daniel Capeleiro, IT Technician with Allied Motion, explains: “Our company is growing, and we felt that we needed more structure around our service desk processes. We did not have a sufficient overview of incoming requests, could not easily share requests or hand them over to a colleague, and we did not have a closed feedback loop with our end users.”

The team wanted a solution with flexible deployment options, so that they could cloudhost. They also needed to analyze requests more effectively for routing purposes and faster issue resolution. Integration with leading Business Intelligence (BI) solutions was important for this, as was effective integration with Active Directory so that user credentials and their IT profiles are automatically linked to their requests for ease-of-use.


In consultation with IT implementation partner EOH, Allied Motion learned about Micro Focus SMAX. This enterprise service management solution is designed to provide an engaging and innovative user experience for interacting with IT services and beyond. Allied Motion wanted to use a new solution out-of-the-box, with simple configuration capability for a fast deployment to its users.

EOH provided a test environment to verify that SMAX met all conditions and to ensure that it was well structured to take on the challenges of the Allied Motion service desk requirements. Capeleiro comments on the implementation process: “Micro Focus and EOH worked closely together with us to define all of our requirements and to ensure SMAX was configured correctly. It only took eight weeks to configure the solution with Allied Motion best practices, and for it to be ready to provide a seamless connection between our end users and the IT service technicians.”

The fully personalized SMAX service portal is now the one-stop shop for Allied Motion users’ IT queries. Task plans, rules and reporting have all been configured using the SMAX Studio capability. New workflows and rules are easily created to streamline request management. Capeleiro comments: “Using SMAX Studio helps us configure workflows to give our users confidence in the solution, to get exactly what they need for their department and increase their end user adoption, and accelerating issue resolution.”

The service desk team of 15 technicians has really noticed the difference in efficiency, according to Capeleiro: “With one central portal for our requests we don’t need to keep monitoring our emails and phones, we know everything is in the same place and can share requests between us for faster resolution. Our SMAX service portal also holds approval workflows to organize and structure requests that require approval.”

The SMAX portal was well received by users. They like the flexibility to access the service portal from anywhere, be it at home or at work. Allied Motion has also introduced the SMAX native mobile app to complement the web service portal with a streamlined interface and has noticed a strong user adoption. It is a great tool for users who have experienced a system crash as they can report this and track progress on their request via their mobile.


Soon after the SMAX service portal went live, it became clear that other Allied Motion departments could benefit too. Human Resources, logistics, security, and marketing are all process-driven business areas, where SMAX can add value. The team also plans to exploit other SMAX modules, such as knowledge management, hot topics analytics, change management, and surveys.

Capeleiro very much appreciates the active SMAX user community: “The online SMAX forums are a great place to learn and exchange ideas. There is always someone who has done what we are looking to do, and we can support other users with our own experience.”

He concludes: “The SMAX portal is now the goto place for any IT requests. We have noticed a 90 percent increase in use of the service desk since the SMAX implementation, compared with email and phone requests. Our IT organization works much more efficiently, and requests are closed faster. Our user community is very satisfied with the service, and we know that as we implement further SMAX capabilities, this will only improve.”

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Allied Motion Technologies Inc. case study

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