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Automotive Solution Provider

Visibility and Traceability Requirement

Automotive test teams often must deal with multiple deploys in a day and releases every day or every two days. An Agile DevOps approach helps to manage this, but a Senior Test Engineer explains that not everything is fixed through streamlining processes: “Working with test teams we often see an architecture with many different elements working in isolation. We have standardized our application delivery on Micro Focus, deploying ALM/Quality Center, UFT One, UFT Developer, and more recently LoadRunner Professional. However, we still rely on other third-party solutions to complete our application test chain. In particular, we wanted to create uniformity between ALM/Quality Center and the tool we use to capture our defects and requirements.”

Connect Core Ensures ALM as Central Test Repository

The team was delighted to discover Micro Focus Connect Core, included free of charge in their ALM license. Connect Core is a data synchronization technology that provides data and relationship synchronization between products across the software development and DevOps lifecycle. This was ideally suited to provide a connection between ALM/Quality Center and the third-party tool to create end-to-end visibility across the application testing eco-system.

User stories are defined in the third-party tool, used for application development and enhancement, and sent to ALM/Quality Center, the main application testing platform, via Connect Core as a requirement. Work then starts on creating a test script and initiating testing. Because everything is rolled up into ALM/Quality Center, this creates uniformity in application test reporting across the organization, supporting full traceability and visibility.

Reduced Test Development Time

Following the synchronization between ALM/ Quality Center and the third-party tool via Connect Core, team methodologies have changed for the better. “Using Connect Core has increased collaboration between our developers and QA testers. The improved visibility and streamlined process automation mean that we can now easily enable the processes as we define them,” says the Senior Test Engineer. “We can configure Connect Core to customize views for different audiences which is very useful as we’re dealing with so many teams, all having different requirements for fields that need synching between the tools, and different levels of test automation.”

Connecting the agile management tool with ALM/Quality Center has reduced the average user story development time by providing high quality early feedback to the development team, leveraging their familiar, existing, environment. Early defect detection means they can be solved before causing issues in a production or customer environment.

The Senior Test Engineer concludes: “The integration provided by Micro Focus has really helped us take application test automation to the next level. We feel very confident to further broaden the testing scope by our DevOps team.”

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Automotive Solution Provider case study

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