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Case study

Baoviet turned to Micro Focus Silk Performer for fully automated performance testing, which helped to improve efficiency and detect errors early


Baoviet Insurance has 67 branch offices and up to 1,000 employees throughout Vietnam. Its core insurance application, INSUREJ, was executing manual performance tests that often returned incorrect results. This unreliable process is at odds with Baoviet’s dependence on its application for driving informed business decisions. Introducing an effective test process would improve early error detection and ensure Baoviet addresses and rectifies potential issues before they cause any operational problems in deployment.

In addition to this, Baoviet plans to expand its business and needs to make sure that INSUREJ is ready to scale up to the required numbers when transactions increase.


Mr Vu Van Chinh, Head of Baoviet’s Project Management Department, explains the selection process: “We investigated the market for potential solutions to our performance testing issues. Silk Performer met all of our documented requirements and was completely consistent with our INSUREJ application. We were also pleased to see the reporting function gave us exactly the information we were looking for in our performance tests – very important in our decision-making.”

Following the Silk Performer implementation, Baoviet can execute fully automated performance tests. The early detection of problems is proving very useful as it delivers more robust applications that benefit the business immeasurably.

Mr Vu Van Chinh explains: “Our manual test scenario required us to mobilize a number of people to simultaneously access the system. Doing this in large numbers was impractical. As a result, the test process was not robust and reports started returning incorrect information. Our business expansion plans mean we need to test for up to 350 concurrent users, and Silk Performer has really helped us with its accurate information for these test scenarios. Silk Performer’s reports tell us exactly where we need to focus our IT resources to deliver the best application we can.” Silk Performer will be introduced to all 67 branch offices in a phased operation as part of a wider initiative to upscale all IT systems in readiness for business expansion.


The success of Silk Performer with INSUREJ has given Baoviet so much confidence in automated performance testing that it is now looking at deploying Silk Performer with other applications within the organization. Mr Vu Van Chinh concludes: “Rather than conducting manual performance tests, our IT resources are used to fix any problems early so that they don’t cause deployment issues. Our testing team is much more productive and test scripts are reused for efficiency. Overall, we are very pleased with the results and look forward to making Silk Performer an integral part of our performance testing process.”

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Baoviet Insurance case study

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