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Case study

Cherrylabs deploys Micro Focus PlateSpin Protect to gain comprehensive protection


Disaster recovery (DR) solutions are a key component in Cherrylabs’ portfolio. With customers trusting Cherrylabs to provide roundthe-clock availability for their most critical systems and data, the company must ensure that its solutions can stand up to strict demands for iron-clad reliability and business continuity – all at an attractive price point.

Cherrylabs saw an opportunity to differentiate itself from the competition and boost its value proposition to customers by introducing a disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering. A cloud-based DR platform would allow the company to better meet increasingly stringent requirements for data availability and rapid recovery, at a lower cost of operation than a traditional DR environment, delivering greater value for customers.

Cherrylabs’ customers were not the only ones who stood to benefit from a more flexible, cloud-based DR solution; by using this new DR environment internally, Cherrylabs could guarantee better protection for its own key systems, ensuring that business could continue as usual, no matter what.


Following a thorough review and evaluation process – which covered solutions from three different vendors, and whose selection criteria included flexibility, cost-efficiency and ease of management – the company decided to deploy PlateSpin Protect both for its internal DR needs and to enable a cloud-based DR platform to suit its clients’ needs.

Shanmugam P, Principal Consultant at Cherrylabs said: “PlateSpin Protect was the one solution that met all of our requirements. We found this to be a very mature solution, whereas the other offerings we considered had several limitations. We also carried out a Proof of Concept with the Micro Focus solution and it fulfilled all our expectations."

Among its key features, PlateSpin Protect offers the ability to protect both physical and virtual platforms, together with easy test failover and failback flexibility – all important capabilities for Cherrylabs as it manages a variety of workloads, and needs to perform regular testing for customers.

Shanmugam P said: “One-click test failover makes it easy for us to test our recovery capabilities. With a simple click, we can take a virtual snapshot of the recovery workload, power it on within a private internal network and validate the recovery plan in just minutes, without any disruption to operations.”

In addition, PlateSpin Protect gives Cherrylabs flexible failback options once a disaster scenario is over. If the original production equipment can be repaired, Cherrylabs can seamlessly switch back, after synchronizing only the data that changed during the outage. If not, Cherrylabs can fail back to any available physical or virtual server regardless of make or model because the solution is completely hardware-independent.

Shanmugam P said: “Using PlateSpin Protect, we can quickly and easily recover all transactions that take place in the backup environment during an outage on the production server, meaning that zero data is lost.”


With PlateSpin Protect, Cherrylabs benefits from a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that ensures fast failover and easy recovery for both its own systems and those of its customers.

The company has already achieved a dramatic reduction in recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

“In the event of a disaster, PlateSpin Protect allows us to recover data and systems in essentially the same amount of time that it takes to power on the virtual standby workload,” said Shanmugam P.

The introduction of PlateSpin Protect has given Cherrylabs the solid foundation it needs to design, develop and launch an innovative, cloudbased DR solution – Cherrylabs Business Recovery Service.

As the name implies, the new cloud solution gives Cherrylabs’ customers the ability to rapidly recover their entire business operations – not just their data. It also provides full compliance with SLAs and regulatory standards and offers significant cost savings.

The launch of Cherrylabs Business Recovery Service has generated a valuable new revenue stream for the company, which has registered a 17 percent increase in net income.

Shanmugam P said, “With PlateSpin Protect… we now boast a flexible, reliable platform that allows us to offer a state-of-the-art disaster recovery service to customers.”

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Cherrylabs case study

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