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Micro Focus mobile application testing framework supports digital transformation to increase customer satisfaction


To increase customer satisfaction and mobile adoption, Croatian Telecom has embarked on a digital transformation project. This aims to create an easy-to-use communication channel, providing a unique customer experience across different countries. Users can easily interact with Croatian Telecom through their chosen online channel, check the status of their loyalty program, and perform self-service tasks, such as bill monitoring, plan changes, or ordering new handsets.

Krešimir Prekrat, Test Tools Designer, at Croatian Telecom, explains the challenges associated with this: “Our regional mobile market is growing fast and the best way for us to remain close to our customers, is to continually develop new and innovative mobile apps which need to be thoroughly tested before release. This is complex, as response times on many different devices need to be tested against maximum performance load on the network. We already used a suite of Micro Focus testing solutions, and explored how we could leverage this to create a mobile app testing framework, and achieve our digital transformation goals.”


Micro Focus ALM/ QC sits at the very center of Croatian Telecom’s automated test framework. Planned integration with JIRA, used for defect tracking, will enable automatic escalation of issues and automated reporting against pre-defined parameters so that Croatian Telecom can be sure defects are addressed before production.

Using ALM/QC as the basis, Croatian Telecom added Micro Focus UFT Mobile to the framework. This is integrated with Micro Focus UFT One to automate repetitive testing. It also links to Micro Focus Sprinter for automated manual testing, and Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional, for performance testing. ALM/QC connects all mobile testing activities and, in combination with Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise, provides sophisticated analysis and detailed metrics, as Prekrat explains: “Using our Micro Focus testing framework, we can create reports on the fly without involving individual QA staff. Our central system is always up-to-date, providing real-time data to our decision makers. This means we can speed up the testing process and quickly escalate issues before they cause problems.”

UFT Mobile has enabled Croatian Telecom to conduct performance testing on its mobile applications, which it couldn’t do before. This ensures new mobile apps are proven to be robust and capable of performing under load before release. The LoadRunner Professional integration delivers automatic load distribution with multiple load generator definitions. Test results are automatically collected from multiple machines as soon as performance testing is concluded so that results can be compared and correlated correctly.

The integration between UFT One and Sprinter supports fast creation of automated tests from manual recordings. After the Sprinter run session ends, results are exported to an automated test data file, ready to use in automated test scenarios.


Prekrat is clear on the benefits of a structured and automated testing approach: “Our central automated testing framework, underpinned by Micro Focus solutions, enables us to be proactive. With a real-time view of all activities, we have the visibility we need to compare testing results and provide our stakeholders with immediate feedback, so that action can be taken.”

Business and IT users alike enjoy the enhanced testing environment. Through the reporting capability business users have clear dashboards that show the exact status of application testing in progress which is helpful for decision making.

Prekrat concludes: “Working with Micro Focus is a pleasure. Within three months of the integration between Sprinter and UFT Mobile being available, we were already in production with it. We feel the agile approach Micro Focus has towards product development really matches our own strategy. New versions of our Micro Focus testing suite are delivered to us every three months, and they always give us additional features to explore.”

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Croatian Telecom Group case study

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