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Case study

ELO Digital Office GmbH fights off spam and potential virus threats with Secure Messaging Gateway


Before implementing the Secure Gateway SMTP scanner, ELO was receiving enormous amounts of spam each day. That meant time consuming extra work for users, which negatively impacted productivity. ELO needed a better way to separate its vital business information from all of the junk mail and potential virus threats invading inboxes so that employees could get back to work. Secure Messaging Gateway SMTP came to ELO’s attention. After setting up a test environment on the Exchange server, ELO was sure it was the right solution.

“When spam becomes more and more of an issue in your company, you need to react. That is what we did. With the installation of Secure Messaging Gateway SMTP, we solved the problem,” explains Andreas Schulz, Head of Marketing.


With some technical help from its distributor Inetra, ELO implemented the SMTP scanner quickly. “The installation and integration went through very properly. Due to the fact that we are able to use the existing infrastructure, we only had to invest in the Micro Focus) license and technical support. Receiving an ROI on the whole investment took less than one month,” says Schulz.

Because the scanner sits at the perimeter of the Exchange server, spam is now being stopped before it even gets a chance to clog up ELO’s email. Secure Messaging Gateway specializes in determining which emails are legitimate business communications, spam, or potentially dangerous messages. This is important because once a threat infiltrates your system, it is one click away from doing some major damage.

Employees who sift through hundreds of emails each day are bound to make a mistake at one point or another. The only way to truly avoid email security threats is to prevent them from reaching the system. Secure Messaging Gateway performs this function. It filters email content based on email address, subject, header, body, Raw MIME, fingerprinting, attachment, attachment names, images (via Image Analyzer), blacklist or whitelist, message size, and IP address. Virus and spam definitions are updated frequently in order to eliminate false-positives. End users are empowered to flag email addresses or entire domains into blacklists or whitelists, which helps them to customize which messages will reach their inbox. Dozens of other features such as these make Micro Focus a leader in SMTP Scanning and mailbox protection.


ELO successfully solved all spam and threat problems with the Secure Messaging Gateway SMTP scanner on its Microsoft Exchange server. Now, ELO employees are fully confident that the messages they are receiving are legitimate business communications. This saves them time and effort in managing their email and also makes the IT department’s job much easier.

Secure Messaging Gateway is effective in protecting all Exchange, Office 365, GroupWise®, Vibe, Lync, and IBM Domino environments.

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ELO Digital Office GmbH case study

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