Case study

An integrated suite of solutions helped the company achieve an enhanced security, improved speed, and increased efficiency of its identity landscape.


  • The environment was complex with a large user base of more than 100K spread across the globe with 50 deployed applications being used.
  • Improved availability with no expected downtime
  • Large number of third party applications like SAP, PeopleSoft, etc., which needed to be integrated seamlessly with the IAM environment for uniform enforcement of identity and access controls.
  • Lack of structured monitoring and reporting resulting in inefficient processes.


The customer needed a 24X7 optimized onsite-offshore model to support its enterprise IAM environment setup using Micro Focus IDAM tools. It needed to ensure zero impact to business due to integration of new applications while supporting already integrated applications. The customer also wanted to enable control over user identities to track user provisioning and reconciliation operations and privileges assigned to individual users. In a short span of time, the scope of the project expanded – execution of enhancement projects, implementation projects, integration projects, and environment upgrade projects.


  • Existing risk with only one NetIQ eDirectory server in place was mitigated by implementing availability improvement solution to ensure 100% availability of the environment for the business without any unplanned outage.
  • Provisioning workflows were enhanced and customized to meet customer requirements.
  • Automation of daily monitoring activities introduced for better performance and productivity.
  • NetIQ Access Manager (NAM) implementation for federated authentication and authorization
  • Support, Administration, and Maintenance included several components of IDAM and NAM such as eDirectory replication servers, Analysers, iMonitor, identity provider, and access gateway servers.
  • Platform hosted on SUSE Linux, thus providing a highly stable environment.
  • NetIQ Identity Manager and Access Manager and SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset) migrated to the latest versions
  • Customized Monitoring, Reporting, and Auditing capabilities through NetIQ Sentinel Enterprise.
  • Diverse client applications integrated with Access Manager with no IAM downtime
  • Proactive incident management leading to 80% reduction in incident volume and hence operational costs

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