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Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier builder uses Micro Focus Operations Orchestration and Cloud Service Automation to automate, orchestrate and transform IT services delivery


The HII team’s first objective was to eliminate silos, consolidate resources and automate IT provisioning processes to more quickly deliver infrastructure and application resources to the business. When the project was initiated 2.5 years ago, a primary goal was to enable fast setup and teardown of production/test/development systems. Architecting a private cloud, HII would be able to virtualize its infrastructure, deliver infrastructure and applications as a service and reduce provisioning from weeks to days or even hours.

Another important goal was to ensure readiness to leverage public cloud resources as cloud providers achieved critical security capability/milestones, such as FedRAMP and other regulatory compliance required by HII and its clients including the U.S. Navy.


HII utilized Cloud Service Automation (CSA), Operations Orchestration, Server Automation, and Database and Middleware Automation. Additionally, Software Services consultants helped HII IT directors and administrators design strategies and establish organizational support for implementing a cloud management platform.


Micro Focus Software and Software Services enabled HII to:

■ Eliminate silos, automate and orchestrate provisioning across the full stack

■ Shrink provisioning from six weeks to less than one day (in many cases to under one hour)

■ Eliminate two-week server design process with catalog of standardized templates

■ Maintain resources in private cloud for simpler maintenance and faster reclamation

■ Turn on self-service portal for software development team

■ Gain elasticity to rapidly stand up/tear down prod/dev/test systems in agile software development environment

■ Deliver more capabilities in same or smaller data center footprint

The HII IT team has successfully completed automation and orchestration of the full stack and is well on the path to transformation of IT services delivery with the production roll-out of the self-service portal to software developers. The team expects to introduce availability of the public-cloud portal in the very near term, achieving its goal of providing seamless access to a catalog of both on- and off-prem resources to meet the infrastructure requirements of business and engineering users – reliably, efficiently and securely.

Software and Software Services future goals include:

■ Enable scalability, elasticity, chargeback/ showback, self-service portal and other hybrid cloud functionality/benefits.

■ Gain IT speed and agility to deliver services for faster testing/integration of new technologies – such as augmented reality components – to support new business opportunities and engineering innovation

■ Provide cost visibility to project managers, facilitating fast comparison of on-/offpremises infrastructure costs

■ Enable self-service ordering of infrastructure and application services across both private and Microsoft Azure/ AWS public clouds

■ Gain one FTE/year for four years, enabling reassignment to higher value-add projects

■ Give users location-agnostic resource access by delivering public/private cloud services via a single user experience

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