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Case study

Micro Focus AppPulse Mobile provides flexible, comprehensive view of mobile app and user experience and boosts performance


Built on the foundations of QNB Finansbank IT Technologies, IBTech has been developing competitive products for QNB Finansbank and its subsidiaries since 2005 and operates the bank’s information technology infrastructure. Its goal is to develop the best and fastest renewable products and systems that can push customers to meet their full potential. IBTech develops software and infrastructure projects to support the competitive strength of QNB Finansbank and provide effective use of information technology, with more than 600 expert staff, in line with developing technologies and changing conditions.

Mobile banking has grown exponentially in recent years, to the point where in some countries it has outpaced Internet banking, therefore maintaining a reliable, available and high-performing banking app is critical. If the app crashes client-side, it is crucial that this is reported and resolved quickly. However, IBTech was only monitoring server-side logs, making it hard to detect and understand issues on the client-side.

“We were looking only at the server logs which meant it took us longer to identify crashes at the customer end,” explains Yasin Kafadar, senior software developer, IBTech. “With over two million users, it became clear we needed a more effective mobile application monitoring solution and more transparency.”

IBTech went to market to find a mobile monitoring tool that would provide visibility and be easily integrated into its existing architecture. After careful consideration, it decided that AppPulse Mobile would be the best solution.

“AppPulse Mobile offered additional tools and analytics that the competition didn’t, such as HTTP timeline, UI Performance and FunDex Score,” adds Kafadar. “That made Micro Focus the ideal partner for this project.”


AppPulse Mobile is a mobile app performance monitoring tool that tracks the real user experience of IBTech’s mobile apps. Mobile teams receive actionable data to prioritize issues impacting the most users to achieve a fivestar app rating and code-level visibility to solve performance issues at the transaction level as well as tracing transactions across distributed application tiers to show end-to-end transaction flows.

“Before this implementation, we used to send custom web requests to define the user experience so there was no migration process. As such – we deployed AppPulse Mobile with seamless integration into our existing mobile applications, such as our popular banking app,” continues Kafadar. “Currently, it supports 675k Android users and 275k iOS users, which represents just under half of all Finansbank’s mobile users.”

AppPulse Mobile gives IBTech the ability to monitor exactly how users experience the app, from the moment the mobile application session is opened until it ends. It also helps the company identify problems, allowing the development team to focus on resolving incidents quickly. Furthermore, it provides actionable information that allows IBTech to improve the overall customer experience.


With AppPulse Mobile in place, IBTech can detect and resolve crashes and errors much more quickly and before they affect more users. This in turn makes the app more favorably reviewed and the market score increases.

“AppPulse Mobile provides a stability report when there are problems, which helps us easily understand the root cause so we can solve it more quickly,” comments Kafadar. “Also, the HTTP Timeline report enables us to see which web requests are taking longer than expected so we can take action.”

The monitoring platform also helps IBTech refine its app by giving it a window into every users’ behavior. Every tap, swipe and movement can be shown, so the company can develop its app according to existing user behavior.

“We now enjoy more detailed information across the board, which ultimately allows us to improve the user experience making our customers more satisfied with the bank,” says Kafadar. “Eventually we hope to roll it out so that it provides monitoring to all 2.2m mobile customers.”

Following the success of the AppPulse Mobile deployment, IBTech is exploring other areas where it might again work with Micro Focus It has already invested in Micro Focus. AppPulse Trace, a SaaS application performance monitoring and transaction monitoring solution that provides code-level visibility so it can solve performance issues at the transaction level, although this is yet to go into production.

“Our company already uses Micro Focus Mobile Center and Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing so we clearly have built a strong partnership,” concludes Kafadar. “We fully expect to build further on this in the coming years."

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IBTech case study

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