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Case study

Infosys and Micro Focus define mainframe modernization to accelerate digital transformation


CIOs globally are under pressure to quickly implement business and regulatory changes in the technology landscape. While delivering an excellent customer experience is a priority, this is often hampered by core mainframe systems that are technically complex. As applications age, they grow larger, more complex and harder to comprehend. Moreover, organizations depend on manual processes to locate and remedy issues, which is time-consuming and an unwise use of resources that should be leveraged to deploy critical changes.

Gautam Khanna, Vice President and Head of the Infosys Modernization Practice, explains: “To begin modernization, demystifying existing mainframe applications is essential to maintain full business continuity. The core business rules have to be identified and mapped, and this is where Infosys helps customers get more value from their mainframes immediately by leveraging Micro Focus technology.”

Rather than building business services from scratch, Infosys helps organizations extend the value of their current, trusted business processes by shifting the business services online or on mobile. This helps reach new audiences and comply with updated regulations more quickly and at lower risk.

When a client decides to modernize a mainframe application it is imperative that the wealth of experience coded into the application, the business logic, is not lost. Errors due to incomplete application knowledge, inadequate interviews, and dated documentation can lead to inaccurate functional specifications. Ultimately, these mistakes are magnified in the modernized applications, leading to unpredictable and unexpected results.


Infosys provides a proven services and technology solution to tackle these challenges with a robust and predictable approach to modernize the mainframe and support digital transformation.

The solution, called Infosys Mainframe Modernization Roadmap Methodology, starts with an application pre-assessment followed by a portfolio assessment to determine the right modernization solution. The analysis process identifies all the use cases, associated components and their dependencies to understand the complexity of the landscape. It also uncovers quick-win opportunities so clients can realize immediate benefits.

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer delivers a wide array of functionalities and content to accelerate application modernization projects. Infosys extensively employs this solution as a key part of their methodology. When business rules are deeply woven into an application, it can be difficult to isolate a process at the correct granular level. Business processes may contain thousands of rules buried within millions of lines of code across multiple applications. To uncover these rules manually is simply impossible. Enterprise Analyzer helps locate and isolate the business rules. It also uncovers, understands and reuses critical processes, thereby significantly streamlining the modernization project.

Gautam comments: “Deploying Enterprise Analyzer gives our developers rapid insights and complete impact analysis in their customer’s mainframe system. Enterprise Analyzer also provides metrics related to the application size, complexity, criticality, and stability; all great indicators of the technical complexity the application represents.”


Infosys customers across the globe have benefited from this streamlined approach to application modernization.

A global car manufacturer experienced multiple outages in their core mainframe business functions such as vehicle supply chain, aftersales and financial services. Infosys conducted a portfolio assessment using Enterprise Analyzer that covered 73 applications containing 23 million lines of code (LOCs). The assessment identified high priority applications. Following this, a modernization strategy was designed for all applications. The client now has the opportunity to move applications to the cloud, retire them, or optimize them, while leveraging advanced disaster recovery strategies.

A US-based healthcare insurer wanted to minimize its mainframe footprint to address the risk of an aging workforce and reduce maintenance costs. Infosys leveraged Enterprise Analyzer to group and prioritize the mainframe portfolio. The team identified 98 applications, of which 40 were inactive and ready for retirement. This could lead to potential savings of $7 million annually for the organization.

As part of their cloud-first strategy, an Australian retailer wanted to modernize their mainframe applications, 30 of which were used for their supply chain processes. Infosys recommended redeployment of the key applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS) by leveraging Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer. Now, the inventory of 19,000 components and 3.1 million LOC will be redeployed to AWS, leveraging Micro Focus Enterprise solutions. This could help the client save nearly 50 percent in costs over the next 5 years.

Gautam concludes: “The partnership between Micro Focus and Infosys helps our clients quickly transition from a current inflexible, inaccessible state to a highly flexible and modern architecture, delivering great ROI and easing regulation compliance. We estimate that our customers are saving up to 30% of their modernization cost by using Enterprise Analyzer along with Infosys in-house tools and expertise when modernizing their applications.”

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