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Keeping sensitive information safe with centralized, automated identity and access management tools from NetIQ


Forgotten your password again? We’ve all been there. For users, requesting a password reset is normally no big deal – but for the IT team working behind the scenes, it can be a real headache.

For Yitai, managing user passwords and secure access to business applications was becoming more and more difficult as the number of systems grew. Employees were flooding the IT department with password reset requests, and many had resorted to using the same password for all systems – a significant security risk.

Panli Wang, Project Manager at Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd., elaborates: “If somebody uses the same password for every application, a password leak puts all those business systems – and the sensitive information they contain – at risk. To minimize the risk of a security breach, we wanted to find a way of storing user passwords centrally.”

He adds: “Keeping track of who had the right to access which systems in the first place was also extremely difficult. Because we managed access rights to each application individually, provisioning a single employee involved a great deal of time-consuming manual work. Since the IT department was not automatically notified of personnel changes, they had no way of knowing if an employee had left the company or changed role. This meant that people could hold onto access rights they were no longer entitled to, which represented a further security risk.”


To solve the challenge, Yitai deployed NetIQ Identity Manager and NetIQ Access Manager.

Panli Wang recalls: “Keeping critical business systems secure is a top priority, and we knew that we needed a solid foundation for identity governance and administration. NetIQ is a market-leader in the identity and access management space, and offered mature solutions we knew we could trust.”

Yitai worked closely with NetIQ Business Partner Xi’an Lezhong to deploy NetIQ Identity Manager and NetIQ Access Manager. “Support from the Xi’an Lezhong team was excellent,” says Panli Wang. “Not only did they implement and configure the NetIQ solutions, they were also there for us whenever we had any issues or questions.”

Today, IT staff at Yitai use NetIQ Identity Manager to set up user accounts and manage permissions for over 40 business systems, including corporate email, office and procurement applications, databases, and company intranet. This ensures that only users with the relevant permissions can access applications simply and securely.

With NetIQ Access Manager, Yitai provides employees with a single sign-on capability for all of the systems integrated with NetIQ Identity Manager. Panli Wang comments: “Instead of having to remember multiple passwords for different applications, users now have one password for everything – they only have to log in once via the NetIQ Access Manager portal to access all of their systems.”


With the NetIQ solutions in place, Yitai successfully centralized and streamlined identity and access management processes – improving security and enabling staff to work more efficiently.

Panli Wang remarks: “Critically, we no longer need to worry about staff accessing business systems they are not authorized to use. We can track all of an employee’s permissions directly in NetIQ Identity Manager, so security controls are high. And because the NetIQ solution is integrated with our HR systems, IT staff no longer have to manually provision and deprovision user accounts. If somebody leaves the company, NetIQ Identity Manager automatically deactivates the account – there’s no need for any manual intervention.”

NetIQ Access Manager’s single sign-on feature has reduced manual workloads. “Previously, the IT team would spend a significant amount of time resetting forgotten passwords – a simple but time-consuming task,” says Panli Wang. “Since users now only have one password for all of their applications, IT staff aren’t stuck on the phone helping people reset their login details all day.”

He concludes: “We’re delighted with the NetIQ solutions. Not only have we improved security, we’ve also made life easier for IT staff and users alike – a win-win situation.”

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Inner Mongolia Yitai Group case study

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