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ArcSight Intelligence prevents security breach in sensitive patient data

Micro Focus ArcSight Intelligence empowers security teams to find and respond to previously unknown threats – exactly what is needed in this situation. Its flexible deployment options aligned with the cloud vision for this organization and the team was particularly excited about ArcSight Intelligence’s unsupervised machine learning (ML) capabilities. Leveraging ML, “unique normal” baselines are learned, i.e., a digital fingerprint of each user or entity which can be continuously compared to itself or peers. This approach to behavioral analytics enables security teams to detect traditionally difficult-to-find threats.

Successful Attack Prevention with ArcSight Intelligence

Following its implementation, ArcSight Intelligence was able to identify and neutralize an external attacker, a great result for the organization. The organization plans to continue leveraging ArcSight Intelligence to augment and streamline its security team’s efforts.

Identified and neutralized an attack preventing a security breach

Improved threat hunters’ efficiency through machine learning capabilities

Cloud deployment in line with corporate IT policies

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Large Healthcare organization case study

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