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Case study

Micro Focus supports annual fundraising event with LoadRunner Cloud’s robust performance testing to ensure smooth processing of over $1 million in donations

Fundraising Event Risks Crashing IT Systems

Every year, more than 500 Israeli children are diagnosed with cancer. Larger Than Life’s mission is based on three fundamentals: Happiness, Health, and Hope, as explained by Alon Grinvald, Client Account Director with Larger Than Life: “It’s with these principles in mind that we have created over 20 different programs to support families in their brave and emotionally taxing fight. These donation-funded programs help them navigate the challenges that come with childhood cancer.”

Every year, Larger Than Life hosts a big fundraising event which is broadcast nationwide. The donations raised on this one evening fund the majority of all Larger Than Life activities, and is key to its success. Micro Focus became aware of the organization and this event some years ago and decided to offer its support. “We admire Larger Than Life’s great work and wanted to do our bit to support this,” says Vicky Giavelli, Product Management Director for Micro Focus. “These large-scale fundraising events can put a huge strain on a small organization’s infrastructure. We wanted to help the Larger Than Life IT team prepare so that their systems are up to the task and no donations will be lost.”

20,000 Concurrent Users with LoadRunner Cloud

Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud provides extremely scalable load and performance testing; just what is needed in this scenario. Micro Focus donated the cloud infrastructure, LoadRunner Cloud licenses, and its performance engineering expertise to Larger Than Life. Since LoadRunner Cloud is fully cloud-based, it does not require any hardware or software installation. The Micro Focus team worked with Larger Than Life to stand up a working load testing environment within a couple of hours. In just a few more hours the team created test scripts to simulate the Larger Than Life business processes. Following this preparation work, Micro Focus worked with Larger Than Life for about two months. The full service was provided free of charge by Micro Focus.

Alon Grinvald comments: “Based on our experience, our testing was aimed at up to 20,000 concurrent users and 2,000 transactions per minute. Micro Focus used LoadRunner Cloud to perform initial load testing, and then reported back to us via dashboards with full insight into the areas that we could improve or optimize within our infrastructure. After our optimization efforts Micro Focus supported us with a re-test and feedback, and we repeated this process until we felt the system was ready for the big night.”

Over $1 Million Raised in One Night

Thanks to the rigorous preparation and testing process the fundraising event ran smoothly. In total, over 20,000 transactions were successfully processed during the evening, giving the organization a fundraising boost of over $1 million to continue its great work for another year. “We appreciate Micro Focus supporting us every year with a complete turnkey performance testing solution with LoadRunner Cloud. It is fantastic that we can focus on organizing the fundraiser without any concerns that our systems might crash under the pressure on the night,” says Grinvald. Vicky Giavelli concludes: “We feel honored to contribute our technology and expertise to such a great cause. LoadRunner Cloud is perfectly suited to support this event, and we are delighted that the generous Israeli public has given Larger Than Life the funds to continue this important work.”


System tested and optimized for 20,000 concurrent users


transactions per minute

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Larger Than Life case study

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