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Case study

Micro Focus Voltage SecureData Enterprise supports digital transformation by providing comprehensive data security to 7+ million cloud-hosted customer records

Voltage: ‘Privacy by Default’

Unlike point solutions that require system-based security integration, data-centric security enables trusted data to move between untrusted environments. It allows full data security as data moves from storage to in-flight to in use within applications, remaining entirely usable in encrypted form. After evaluating several market options, the organization moved forward with Micro Focus Voltage SecureData Enterprise, to drive business value through secure data.

Making ‘privacy by default’ central to the organization’s security architecture means that data stays fully encrypted from the moment it enters the system. The data format and integrity, including validation rules, are respected through the use of Voltage’s Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE). Standard encryption can lead to data bloatage, where more fields are used in the encrypted format than in the original. This can result in system performance issues, and unnecessary maintenance and support overhead. Leveraging FPE, partial or full fields are encrypted but the fields remain the same size and format. The project manager comments on the importance of this: “We have over seven million cloud-hosted customer records, each one containing up to 10 encrypted fields. FPE supports virtually any data type in any format and no database schema updates are required to preserve usability and referential integrity for data processes and applications. We can have field-specific decryption, for instance to decrypt just the fields required for sending emails during a marketing campaign.”

Fast Time to Market While Fully GDPR-Compliant

Traditionally, decryption key administration is complex and costly. An organization needs to maintain a key database, as well as the corresponding hardware, software, and IT processes required to protect the database continuously. There is typically also a need to replicate or backup keys from site to site. Not so with Voltage Stateless Key Management. This securely derives keys on-the-fly as required by an application, once that application and its users have been properly authenticated and authorized against a centrally managed policy. The keys don’t need to be stored as they are just generated when required, making life easier from an operations and disaster recovery perspective.

Fast time to market is everything, and service delivery improvement is a key success factor for the organization. The project manager recalls a recent scenario where having ‘security by design’ at the heart of the IT architecture proved invaluable: “Our marketing department came up with a great idea to engage our loyalty card holders through a collaboration with an innovative gaming company. We would gain valuable extra intelligence on our customers, while they could have some fun. Normally, we would need to fully understand how an application works and how it manages sensitive data, including data flows. However, the Voltage basis we have in place makes it easy for us to integrate 3rd party applications really quickly, often from start-up companies who are very agile, but may not have data security at their forefront. Because we keep control of the data access we can speed up the global process, while complying fully with GDPR and other relevant data privacy regulations. We accelerate our business, but in a fully secure manner.”

Big Data and Data Lake Protection

All data is captured in a Hadoop data lake where it stays encrypted. Consuming applications retrieve data from it and if it needs to be decrypted, Voltage manages the authorization through the key identifier stored in each data object. Google Big Query is used by the data science and business intelligence teams to process data correlation which drives data-driven decision making. Business analysts enjoy working with Voltage as it is clear the data is protected through its end-to-end lifecycle, while integrating with a broad range of environments, clients, and platforms.

Accelerated Application On-Boarding and Improved Team Collaboration

As part of its organization, a banking and finance division stores sensitive financial customer data. Applying the Voltage data-centric security principles at a central level means that the company saves time and money on individual Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), as the auditing authorities already have full visibility into the data security processes.

The project manager can see clear benefits: “As a result of implementing Voltage in a data-centric security model, we are more agile and can respond much faster to ever-changing business requirements. On average, we on-board a new application into Voltage every other week. We encrypt data by default so that it is only ever exposed when really required. This gives us a much better risk and compliance position.”

He concludes: “Working with Micro Focus, we have enhanced collaboration between security, development, operations, and project teams as they share data knowledge they require for their particular task in the product lifecycle. We now feel very confident in our brand image: ‘all your data is encrypted – Your data is safe with us!’”


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