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Case study

Micro Focus application testing solutions on Azure supports digital transformation for Orasi customers

Digital Transformation in a Fast-Moving Environment

Orasi customers span many industries, and are often active in heavily regulated areas, such as financial services, telecommunications, or manufacturing. To deliver high quality applications a comprehensive lifecycle management process is required, including continuous testing. David Hand, Assistant Vice President for Orasi, explains the issue for some organizations: “Our customers typically operate in complex environments, with a hybrid development model. Digital transformation is key to success in their business, but internal IT resources have to be focused on mission-critical application delivery. Successful test management encompasses many moving parts, and requires planning and experience.”

Orasi worked with many customers to implement Micro Focus application testing solutions, such as Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center, Micro Focus ALM Octane, Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise, and Fortify. These are well-suited for defining processes and goals to increase release velocity while ensuring application quality in even the fastest moving environment, regardless of development methodology.

“So far, so good,” Hand continues. “However, servers are expensive and costly to maintain, and the dedicated resources required to run a testing service were putting too much strain on staff already committed to other jobs. We found that customers were lagging behind in their upgrade path, and this meant that the application testing was not as effective as it could be. We looked for a cloud-based hosting solution, to free up our customer’s internal IT resources solely for mission-critical application management.”

Azure: Secure Cloud Hosting Platform

Most Orasi customers already have a trusted relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft Azure’s built-in security, compliance, and certifications provide instant credibility for the cloud platform. Customers have a variety of data sovereignty and security requirements. Some need their data based in EU data centres, to comply with GDPR data privacy laws; others have data that cannot leave US shores for compliance reasons.

Hand explains why Azure proved to be the perfect hosting platform across client scenarios: “Azure gives us flexibility around where to host specific customer’s data, providing complete data privacy and security with its single dedicated tenant model. We can scale up and down as required, and our customers are confident their applications and data are secure and easily encrypted, if required. We even have a customer hosted in the Azure Government environment, meeting all government security and compliance requirements; much more than we could offer ourselves.”

3rd Party Software Integration

By hosting the Micro Focus testing solutions in Azure, customers can deploy a global testing model. This enables testers around the world to work in the same environment, with full transparency and sophisticated reporting. Orasi uses the latest Micro Focus testing solutions within Azure, so customers can take advantage of new features straightaway. Micro Focus solutions integrate with a variety of other tools including JIRA which many customers leverage for defect tracking, Jenkins as an application release server, Worksoft to support SAP application testing, and ServiceNow for service automation. Customers also integrate Micro Focus testing solutions with security tools such as Micro Focus Fortify, also Azure-hosted by Orasi.

Hand comments on why customers like the Micro Focus testing solutions: “ALM is often ingrained into our customer’s quality processes. With so many regulations and audits to comply with, the real-time status and reporting capabilities are invaluable to them. On the path to a fully automated DevOps environment, integrating ALM/Quality Center and Octane enables our customers to simultaneously manage Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid development projects, reporting on KPIs throughout via a visual scorecard. Our long history with Micro Focus and application lifecycle management means we are not just a hosting partner. We can assist with product support, operational reports, and managing ALM workflows, providing added value for our customers.”

Flexibility, Peace of Mind, and Cost Savings for Orasi Customers

The cloud hosting model reduces investment in hardware and maintenance, and turns IT into an operating expense rather than a capital item. Customers can always access the latest version of the Micro Focus testing solutions, giving them a faster and more in-depth test cycle, resulting in improved time to market. “The security, performance, and availability of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform gives our customers the ultimate flexibility, peace of mind, and cost savings. One customer told us they saved $500,000 over three years by transitioning Micro Focus ALM into our hosted cloud service,” Hand comments.

He concludes: “Micro Focus has been a strategic partner for us since our inception. Together, we have enabled many of our customers to take full advantage of digital transformation without any disruption to their core business focus.”

How can Micro Focus help you succeed?

Orasi Software, Inc. case study

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