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Case study

Uses Micro Focus Connected MX to protect end users’ data, no matter where they are working


IT administrators face plenty of obstacles backing up data that is stored remotely on company laptops. Inefficient backup software, unreliable virtual private networks (VPNs), and faulty on-premise file servers can all create headaches.

Dan Dugal understands these problems well. As the Chief Executive Officer at Remote Data Backups, Inc., he must ensure that more than 1,000 of his clients’ computers are backed up correctly. This includes computers for end users who work away from their offices for weeks at a time. “We have clients that have engineers and salespeople who use their laptops to work while they travel,” Dugal says.

These clients often have old backup systems that back up remote laptops inefficiently. For example, end users often have to first access a VPN to connect their laptops to a backup appliance at the company’s premises. Then a backup software application transfers the data from the laptops to the file server, which then sends the data into the cloud.

That process often requires a lot of bandwidth, which can slow down networks. This discourages end users from backing up their laptops, which could lead to the loss of important data when laptop hard drives fail or are infected by malware.


Remote Data Backups, Inc. supports clients that use Micro Focus Connected MX to automatically back up users’ data to the cloud. The company has long-term experience with Connected MX and the previous version of the software, Connected Backup. Its U.S.-based technical support service can remotely connect to a client’s system to help them use Connected MX to recover data in the event of a hardware failure or cybersecurity incident.

The reliability of Micro Focus products is among the reasons Remote Data Backups, Inc. has used them for so long. “In our 18-year partnership, we’ve never had recovery issues with Connected MX or Connected Backup. They are incredibly stable. That’s why we haven’t used other platforms,” Dugal says.


Protects Business Data

By ensuring data is backed up, Connected MX has saved multiple Remote Data Backups, Inc. clients from going out of business. For example, many clients have used the software to recover important files after their computers have been infected with ransomware.

The software minimizes data loss in the event of a ransomware infection or hard drive failure by backing up data every 15 minutes, instead of once a day. It also reduces the risk of data loss by transferring backups directly to a secure data center, rather than to a server on a client’s premises that could fail or be infected by ransomware.

Speeds Up Backup and Recovery

Connected MX speeds up backups by removing the need for a VPN or connection to the company network. Additionally, it only backs up changes to files, minimizing the amount of data it transfers.

While recovery speeds depend on the quality of the Internet connection, in Dugal’s experience, Connected MX restores data quickly. “You can restore as fast as your local Internet speeds will allow. I’ve seen a couple of hundred gigabytes restored in a matter of hours,” he says.

Reduces Complexity

Connected MX also simplifies the task of managing backups. Administrators can control which folders are prioritized and create rules to ensure critical data is protected. Dugal can set up a Connected MX portal that allows administrators to manage the backup of each user’s data, and send them alerts if backups fail to complete. Employees don’t need to bring their laptops to the office to update Connected MX, because it updates automatically without requiring a connection to company networks.

Remote Data Backups, Inc. also ensures the data recovery process is a smooth one. “With our remote-in tech support feature, we can hold the client’s hand through a data loss and recovery event,” Dugal says. “It’s simple enough that once we’ve walked customers through a recovery, they can then restore data themselves.”

This simplicity ensures that Remote Data Backups, Inc.’s clients don’t lose critical data, no matter where their employees are working.

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Remote Data Backups case study

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