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Case study

TMNA Services adds to and upgrades its existing Micro Focus portfolio to add insight and collaboration between teams and enable these teams to support multiple customer system transformations at once


Traditionally, TMNAS administered performance testing for one group company at a time. This created potential roadblocks when schedules were unveiled for two group company system transformations going live at approximately the same time. TMNAS Quality Assurance (QA), Business Analyst (BA), and Developer groups each used different software to manage their work. Therefore, TMNAS lacked traceability across teams and changes to requirements did not always trickle down to the developers or the testers.


The QA group championed the idea of using Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) as a single solution to bring traceability to the entire development stack. That way, changes would no longer happen in a vacuum and other teams could receive automated alerts when changes were made to anything that affected their work items.

TMNAS upgraded its existing Micro Focus Quality Center (QC) to ALM and purchased ALM for its Developer, Business Analyst, and QA groups. Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) was also pre-existing, but TMNAS expanded those scripts. TMNAS upgraded its existing Micro Focus LoadRunner solution to Micro Focus Performance Center. With these products, TMNAS designed a cost-effective process around multiple performance testing initiatives occurring simultaneously, which in turn enables TMNAS to operate in a consultative and collaborative manner with its customers.


Using Micro Focus solutions, TMNAS:

  • Achieved full-stack traceability of software development, leading to faster times to production, more efficient use of IT resources, and reduced cost
  • Enhanced documentation, productivity, and version control across teams
  • Implemented cross-functional status reporting
  • Improved the agility and accessibility of testing homegrown and third-party insurance applications
  • Expanded automated regression scripts by more than 30%
  • Increased productivity by redirecting 2,200 hours of QA staff time to higher-value tasks
  • Achieved scalability to deliver consultative, collaborative IT services to multiple group companies simultaneously

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TMNA Services, LLC case study

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