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Case study

Global wealth management and banking firm uses Micro Focus Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) to meet stringent audit/security timelines


As a global financial firm, UBS faces ever more stringent audit and security requirements. UBS wanted to automate database security patching across its entire Oracle estate, using fewer IT staff hours, and resulting in better quality. They also needed a strategy to stay current with the Oracle security-patch release cycle in order to better ensure compliance and avoid information leaks.


Micro Focus Software and Education Services teams enabled rapid knowledge transfer, ensuring that UBS staff could fully leverage the Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) product and associated software stack (including Micro Focus Server Automation) to achieve UBS technical and business objectives. Micro Focus consultants partnered with UBS staff to certify the Oracle Exadata appliance with DMA, complete requirements planning, design the solution architecture, implement the solution, and provide customised functionality and ongoing project support.


Micro Focus Software, Education Services, and Software Services enabled UBS to:

  • Develop a long-term strategy and policy to meet corporate and regulatory audit/security requirements
  • Implement enabling technology at a cost-effective price point
  • Patch the business-critical Oracle estate in a timely fashion to meet security/audit timelines
  • Reduce patching timelines from unknown to the specific windows required by policy; deploy patches within a week versus 4-6 weeks previously
  • Eliminate security and audit exposure
  • Improve patching reliability by almost 90%
  • Avoid the high overhead costs of hiring and training adhoc staff for patching periods
  • Reduce manual procedures by about 90%, increasing labour productivity and eliminating human errors
  • Gain efficiency, reducing staffing requirements by approximately 80% (15 versus 3 per month) and enabling the process to be completed by operational staff versus requiring the expertise of database administrators
  • Increase patching capacity by 200% (100 versus 300 instances per month)
  • Avoid disruptions and free DBA staff to focus on higher-level, more productive tasks
  • Achieve an estimated annual savings of $3M USD
  • Proactively manage and protect data, minimise vulnerability

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UBS AG case study

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