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Wipro client realizes more than 60% cost savings while drastically reducing recovery time

Wipro is one of the leading providers of IT services with a global presence across 57 countries. Part of Wipro Ltd, the $6.98 billion conglomerate company addresses the hardware and infrastructure needs of their clients. Its vast IT services portfolio includes consulting, systems integration, application development and maintenance, package implementation, and R&D services, among others.


In India, Wipro partners with Micro Focus in a number of key service areas and they have led many successful IT transformation projects together. One such client, a major energy and petrochemical organization, approached Wipro about its spiraling operational costs in maintaining an IBM mainframe, and hosting business-critical applications. Vinod Boorugu, Senior Architect, legacy modernization practice at Wipro explains: “Apart from rising mainframe costs, the client had a mainframe disaster recovery time of 72 hours, which posed a large business continuity risk and needed to be reduced in line with modern business expectations. There were also difficulties in connecting to other systems in the organization and the established interfaces were so old, they had little or no documentation to support them. The client had a vision of a modern technology stack to address these issues.”


The mainframe applications are split into various categories: one is used for inventory planning and monitoring. It schedules the movement and distribution of crude oil products. The second is a code database containing master data information. The third application manages the terminals which load and distribute upstream, downstream and midstream oil information, integrating to the code database to extract customer, account, and product information required by the terminals. The final application gathers fuel sales and inventory data and outputs data for fuel delivery to the accounting system for invoicing. Notification of fuel price changes is passed to the pricing system via this application.

The complexity and business-critical nature of the first two applications meant that rewriting them was not a viable option. Purchasing a packaged solution wouldn’t provide the functionality and business intelligence captured in decades of use. Wipro recommended a noninvasive approach to re-host the applications to a Micro Focus Emulated environment running on a Windows environment, minimizing changes to the source code. Vinod Boorugu, Senior Architect, legacy modernization practice at Wipro comments: “Having worked with Micro Focus on a number of similar projects, we knew its technology could support us successfully through this project.” The remaining applications were re-engineered to .Net applications running in a Windows environment.

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer provides business and technical insight into the application portfolio and is key in supporting the modernization strategy. At the start of the project, Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer was deployed to understand the overall IT landscape, assessing the technical viability of re-hosting applications to a new platform.

The two month assessment provided detailed information on all applications running on the mainframe, documenting and highlighting any potential issues to re-hosting. Some were deemed unsuitable for modernization due to complexity or missing source code (applications are rebuilt from the application source code on the new platform). As part of the assessment Enterprise Analyzer was used to document the technical complexity of each application, supporting the maintenance and modernization strategy going forward.

Micro Focus application development technology was then used to make minimal, but necessary, source code changes through its integrated development environment and provide extensive unit testing to ensure the code would run successfully in the new Micro Focus emulated environment running on the Windows environment.

Micro Focus Enterprise Server managed the final deployment of the applications. The high performance and scalable deployment environment ensures migrated applications meet and exceed the reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) expectations of the business.

200 COBOL programs, 600+ DB2 tables, 400+ JCL files and 1TB of data hosted on 250 MIPS on the mainframe were successfully migrated within 12 months following the initial application analysis.

Reduction in TCO
Performance improvement


Before the modernization, disaster recovery consisted of a separate mainframe at a different location. In an emergency, data tapes would be shipped to this location and loaded, taking 72 hours. By introducing a clustered Windows environment, there is no need for physical data shipment. All data is synced and recovery time has been cut from 72 to 24 hours or less, drastically reducing risk and improving business continuity.

Business change requests are more easily accommodated as application integration has been simplified. Previously, data had to flow through multiple hubs, connected with proprietary drivers. In the simplified architecture, standard drivers are used and the documentation for 84 interfaces connected to the applications has been updated, enabling easier maintenance across the platform.

All applications are now hosted in a single data center, providing improved availability and performance in batch applications and online transactions. Some of the jobs are now three times faster and online transaction times have noticeably improved.

Vinod Boorugu on the benefits said: “Using Wipro services and Micro Focus solutions, our client has reduced their total cost of ownership by 62% and will achieve full Return on Investment (ROI) within 30 months. These savings will directly contribute to the future strategy of the re-hosted applications. They have reduced their business risk by drastically improving disaster recovery time and were able to shut down their mainframe, realizing ongoing cost savings with a more cost-effective and scalable hardware environment.”

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Wipro case study
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