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Micro Focus solutions streamline Wipro infrastructure and application monitoring to accelerate problem resolution and boost productivity


A huge infrastructure and many applications are required to support these services and Wipro needs to ensure that they are all running to maximum efficiency and availability. However, its legacy systems were not providing the required level of monitoring. They were a co-mixture of OEM and EMS tools that had been deployed on a point-in-time basis to meet individual needs. This had resulted in multiple tools and multiple consoles creating a siloed, unreliable environment with inconsistent monitoring and management.

The company’s IT Management Group responsible for infrastructure had limited end-to-end monitoring and diagnostic capabilities and inconsistent incident management. Likewise, the Application Management Group found that outages and poor performance of business applications was adversely affecting end-user productivity. Root cause analysis and incident resolution were very time-consuming – in fact it could take up to five hours just to identify the relevant team that should be fixing a problem. Datacenter discovery and dependency relationship management was too labor intensive and expensive while configuration and provisioning was also complex, bringing an increase in incidents and costs.

“We are one of the top three services provers in India and with 170,000+ employees our network and server infrastructure is large and complex,” says Ankur Jalpota, practice head of strategy and transformation at Wipro. “We have to manage services for our own employees in many different regions and also to ensure a good user experience and high availability for external customers who are using our servers or bandwidth. We are talking about over 5,000 network devices that are the backbone of our infrastructure and are managed and owned by Wipro globally. If we were to include customer devices, that figure would increase by many more thousands. We also have over 200 critical applications that are used by our employees and they are very important because they are geocentric and support for offices in many worldwide locations.”

Further complexity is added by the fact that Wipro runs a hybrid environment with 75% of its application workload run from a Microsoft Azure cloud platform and the rest on two other platforms. Also, this is not a flat architecture. Some 1,000 customers use the infrastructure which brings many network connectivity challenges and international variations.

Wipro wanted to ensure that its internal IT infrastructure and applications were efficient so that they could go out to the market with a strong value proposition.

“We needed to be more proactive in terms delivering services; we wanted a single pane of glass and we wanted solutions that were integrated with our ticketing system so that we could have a closed loop incident process,” explains Jalpota. “We also needed to have automation in place so that we could get rid of a lot of routine jobs that people were doing and lastly we wanted to make a lot of things self-service.”


Although it had a limited number of licenses for internal use of its legacy IT Service Management (ITSM) product, Wipro had been using Micro Focus software solutions for some of its external clients. Also, one of its subsidiaries was a specialist in implementing Micro Focus solutions globally so an extensive Proof Of Concept (POC) exercise was concentrated on system health and performance issues and automation. It included Micro Focus Operations Manager i (OMi) and SiteScope with single pane management provided by an Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) dashboard. Thus, Wipro decided to replace its existing tools with the POC solutions as well as Network Node Manager i (NNMi), Network Automation (NA), Cloud Service Automation (CSA) and HPE Server Automation (SA). The solutions were implemented by internal Wipro teams and informal advice from Micro Focus.

“We chose the Micro Focus solutions because of the kind of technology they were putting on the table and the flexibility in terms of licensing. Because of the people involved we also looked upon Micro Focus as a trust advisor,” says Mr. Ankur Jalpota, Practice Head, Strategic & Transformation, Wipro Limited.

Micro Focus NNMi enables efficient management of physical and virtual networks on a massive scale providing information which enables network problems to be quickly identified and fixed. Micro Focus NA tracks, regulates and automates configuration and software changes across globally distributed multivendor networks. Micro Focus SiteScope provides agentless monitoring of the availability and performance of servers, network devices and services while Micro Focus CSA automates the management of cloud-based IT services. Micro Focus SA automates lifecycle management for enterprise servers and Micro Focus OpsBridge displays all monitoring information into one place and provides root cause analysis with automated remediation and Business Value Dashboards.


The software solutions enable a team of 300+ people in 15 locations to ensure system and application efficiency for all 170,000 Wipro employees.

“The complexity of Wipro infrastructure landscape requires that a strong partner ecosystem be in place. This implementation has brought the flexibility and layer of integration that we have been looking forward to since our early adoption of the EMS toolset. It has directly aligned with the needs and wants of large scale infrastructure monitoring and management in Wipro landscape. This enables us to manage our infrastructure more efficiently,” says Mr. Raja Ukil, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Wipro Limited.

“NNMi & NA tools has played a significant role in Wipro’s Hyper Automation Transformation program, specifically in the network infra monitoring and automation space. Its automation at Wipro’s scale and geo spread has helped generate deep insights towards driving better performance as well as availability of the infrastructure. Besides improving MTTR, this has been a stepping stone towards network automation,” says Ms. Kavitha Kadambi, General Manager, Strategic & Transformation, Wipro Limited.

Outlining the many tangible and non-tangible benefits, Ankur Jalpota highlights Micro Focus NNMi, OMi, SiteScope and OpsBridge – the solutions where Wipro’s experience is most mature: “With NNMi and NA we are monitoring close to 5,000 global network devices. This means that if anything goes down, depending to the thresholds and parameters we have set, we get immediate, proactive alerts and this has improved availability. We never had this much coverage of our networks before.

“We get daily reports on devices where we see the greatest number of incidents and the level of data that NNMi provides enables us to take action. In conjunction, we have created individual location maps so we know exactly which location is involved and the impact that device problems will have, both upstream and downstream. User perception has improved because we are often aware of the situation before they report it. The result is that our time to react and respond to network issues has been reduced by at least 15% and overall availability of our managed network has increased by a conservative 5%.”

Because Micro Focus SiteScope monitors 1200+ devices, including the Azure cloud, critical response to downtime has improved by 20 per cent. Replacing the legacy monitoring silos with OpsBridge has also increased efficiency as Ankur Jalpota explains: “We used to have tools that were all running independently so if a problem happened we had to go to a specific screen to locate the problem. With OpsBridge coming into the picture we have one pane of glass to see information coming not only from NNMi and SiteScope but also non-Micro Focus tools. Instead of opening seven different screens we only need to look at one screen. This makes it easier and quicker to pinpoint the root cause of problems and has brought a productivity improvement of over 8% in resolution times.

“The fact that our environment is well managed gives confidence to everyone we talk to and also boosts Wipro’s global value proposition.”

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