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Learn more about Data Protector

Thanks for connecting, you made a good decision. Here’s another – our Data Protector solution.

Why do I need that?

Your data is vulnerable to accidental loss, corruption, external and internal attacks. Inaction is expensive. Estimates of ransomware attack costs vary between $20 billion and $6 trillion.

There are hidden costs, too.

Factor in brand reputation damage, the loss of customer loyalty and market advantage, and the number gets bigger. So, if that’s a problem, what is the solution?

Meet Micro Focus Data Protector

Data Protector is our premium backup solution, and offers fully automated disaster recovery. It ensures efficient restoration for all types of data to quickly return your operations to normal.

Other key features include:

  • Enterprise scale and security for legacy and modern workloads
  • Instant recovery via native application integrations
  • Backup and recovery for virtual environments
  • Best-in class platform integrations including the cloud
  • Orchestration, automation, and monitoring

Fill out the form to learn more. It’s your second good business decision today.

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