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Thanks very much for connecting. We’re seriously impressed with the way Data Protector protects our clients and we hope you will be too.

Why do we say that?

  • Ransomware attacks increased 41% in 2019, and cost $20bn in 2020. Data Protector ensures fast, efficient data restoration that quickly returns operations to normal.
  • 24x7 data centres have zero tolerance of downtime and demand maximum resiliency. Data Protector could provide up to a 50% reduction in data centre downtime.
  • Data is vulnerable - whether through accidental loss, corruption, or external and internal attacks. Data Protector is one of the few single backup solutions suitable capable of restoring all types of data.

There’s a lot more we can tell you and if you’re interested we’d love to have a chat and show you Data Protector in action.

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