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Voltage File Analysis Suite for Data Management

Identify, analyze, and manage your data; then establish policies to protect your data properly and efficiently, in use and throughout its lifecycle, and ensure data governance.

Manage the lifecycle of data flow

Apply remediation actions to selected files to ensure that the proper access controls and data management practices are applied to over-exposed, sensitive, and high-value data sets.

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Data minimization is now a necessity

Discover redundant, obsolete, or trivial data (root of trust detection) in file shares, email repositories, Office365, and SharePoint to contain costs and ensure data governance.

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Manage data flow through its lifecycle

Set extensive controls to apply retention policies, control access, and simplify disposal of content. Take advantage of tagging and classification to manage data in-place or declare as a record for long-term data preservation.

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Ensure secure, organized data migration

Insight driven by data discovery improves data quality, helps prioritize migration, and reduces the costs associated with migrating data to the cloud or across repositories.

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A simple, flexible data management framework

Transparent and persistent file encryption with centralized enforcement and policy control over sensitive file access use. These capabilities ensure secure data sharing, while reducing the proliferation of sensitive data.

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