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Voltage SecureData for Big Data

Data drives the modern enterprise. But traditional IT security isn’t scalable or flexible enough to protect high-value sensitive data in analytics platforms and data lakes in hybrid IT and multi-cloud ecosystems. Forward-looking enterprises are using data-centric security to enable privacy and unleash the power of big data with secure analytics in the cloud and on premises.

Protect data-in-use for secure analytics

SecureData encrypts sensitive data in big-data use cases (such as predictive analytics), enabling broad access to sensitive data for faster insights. Voltage encryption, tokenization, and hashing techniques retain relationships in protected data and generates the ability to glean insights, while dramatically reducing the risk of data breach or non-compliance with privacy regulations.

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Scalability of big data security

SecureData provides faster decision support and adds business value that enables data scientists, analysts, and the business to work with the data without decryption. Voltage protects data at the source, retaining usability for applications and analytics, with selective re-identification only securely allowed by authorized users.

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Seamless integration for easy implementation

Voltage SecureData provides flexible and high-speed interfaces that enable rapid integration with the latest tools and infrastructure components. SecureData integrates with high-performance analytic platforms, including Vertica, Teradata, and cloud-native services. It also integrates with a wide variety of Hadoop ecosystem technologies, including Sqoop, Hive, Spark, Kafka, Storm, NiFi, and others, across Cloudera and legacy distributions.

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Enable data-driven privacy in big data processing

Voltage enables businesses worldwide to comply with privacy mandates while driving digital transformation. Voltage encryption protects personal data in line with recommendations for using encryption and pseudonymization as a mechanism to protect data (Article 32 of the GDPR). GDPR waives the requirement for breach notification if the data stolen is encrypted (Article 34).

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Standards matter

Voltage encryption, tokenization, hashing, and data masking protection techniques are backed by security proofs and standards. The Voltage team authored and pioneered the NIST-validated AES-FF1 mode format- preserving encryption standard. Voltage secure stateless technologies remove overhead in the storage and management of keys and token tables.

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