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Voltage SecureData Cloud

Voltage SecureData Cloud provides data security with persistent protection that travels with the data wherever it is, across multi-cloud and on premises environments. It embeds data-centric security across hybrid IT and, by reducing the risk to sensitive data, accelerates the safe migration to cloud environments.

Cloud security with portability and extensibility

Voltage encryption and key management seamlessly applies to workloads hosted anywhere: on premises or cloud, by one or more cloud service providers (CSPs), in midrange or mainframe systems, using Hadoop or native cloud services. It enables migration of workloads from one platform to the other, from on premises infrastructure to cloud or switching CSPs.

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Flexible encryption for virtually unlimited data types

Voltage SecureData Cloud offers a variety of strong and flexible encryption technologies that not only allow for pseudonymization and anonymization of sensitive data types, but also enable business processes and analytic workloads to operate on data in its protected state.

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Control encryption keys across all platforms

Whether hardware security modules (HSMs) are on premises or hosted by a provider as a cloud security service, SecureData provides full control and visibility of the keys generated and stored in these HSMs, where they are being used, and which applications and users have access to them.

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Stateless cryptographic and key management services

Stateless architecture enables distributed deployment of data security without requiring replication or synchronization and allows for these distributed cloud data protection services to be accessible to any workloads at any location. Data stays persistently protected in a “Protect Here, Access There” model.

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High-performance, secure analytics on protected data

Voltage SecureData Cloud handles bulk operations as well as high-throughput, delay-sensitive transactions for cloud security assurance. Secure analytics enabled by the use of format-preserving encryption expands access to data across a broader set of analysts and potential monetization of datasets, without compromising data security and privacy.

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