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Voltage SecureData Sentry

Simplify and accelerate the adoption of data protection in commercial applications on premises and in the cloud. Sentry is a data protection and privacy broker that deploys easily into existing infrastructure, adding format-preserving encryption across SaaS and other cloud services, and to commercial and self-developed applications.

Safely use sensitive data in SaaS applications

Protect data used in external cloud and SaaS applications. SecureData Sentry leverages proxy interception and APIs to support a broad variety of SaaS applications, such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Tableau, Sage HCM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Seamlessly secure data in COTS applications

Secure tightly wrapped, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and in-house applications seamlessly without API integration. Sentry’s flexible, modular architecture enables parsers for almost any xDBC application and fits a wide variety of use cases.

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Ensure sensitive data detection, protection, and interoperability

Sentry is a data protection gateway. It protects or accesses sensitive data according to policy, with centralized, on-premises, enterprise control and end-user transparency. It supports a variety of content formats, including JSON, XML, HTML, docx, xlsx, csv, and more.

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Reduce the risk of data exposure

Sentry extends the reach of Voltage market-leading data protection technologies, including format-preserving encryption (FPE), secure stateless tokenization (SST), stateless key management, and format-preserving hash (FPH). It provides a choice of encryption techniques for data protection use cases across diverse environments, while avoiding the costs and complexities of deploying and managing multiple products.

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Accelerate data protection, time-to-value, and cloud migration

Consistent protection and referential integrity enables portability of protected data between multiple services and environments. By reducing the effort required to protect data in applications and reducing the risk of data exposure, SecureData Sentry speeds an organization’s time-to-value and return on investment in data-centric security and accelerates cloud migration by removing blockers to adoption.

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