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Voltage Structured Data Manager

Discover and protect sensitive data, preserve its business value, and manage the life cycle of information held in databases. Structured Data Manager reduces the total cost of ownership of application infrastructure, increases business productivity, raises information value, and mitigates the risks associated with tightening compliance requirements.

Out-of-the-box discovery of sensitive data

Discover sensitive data, document it, and act on it. Structured Data Manager offers out-of-the-box discovery of sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card data, client names. You can also add your own discovery, tailored to your industry.

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End-to-end data privacy protection

Ensure end-to-end data privacy protection of sensitive data by leveraging hyper Format Preserving Encryption, protecting data over its entire lifecycle—from the point at which it is captured and throughout its movement across the extended enterprise, without gaps in protection.

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Reduce risk and protect privacy

Changing privacy regulations create a real risk that sensitive data might not be managed in accordance with current legislation and could be accidentally or deliberately exposed or leaked.

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Reduce the total cost of ownership of application infrastructure

Capture greater storage cost savings by archiving inactive structured data to cost-effective private or public cloud storage, while enabling users to directly search or query the archived data in the cloud.

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Discover a secure and compliant approach to Test Data Management

Production data might have usage constraints due to privacy rules or other regulations. Creating data subsets can replicate all important statistical properties of real data without exposing sensitive data, thereby eliminating any compliance issue.

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  • Structured Data Discovery

    This Data Discovery Project Dashboard shows the privacy risk score for a given project. In this case, a project would be an application of a module of a complex application. SDM discovers private data in databases and ensure nothing is missed.

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Accelerate your data privacy journey

Discuss your structured data privacy and protection needs with one of our product and solutions experts.

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