Expand your identity governance and administration program to include data stored in documents and files. Gain the same level of governance and control over unstructured data as you have with applications.

Data Access Governance

Govern access to unstructured data

Improve governance and meet attestation requirements through access reviews. Business users certify access to data in the same interface they use to govern access to applications.

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Gain visibility into data access

Analyze file system data to gain insight into what data you have, who has access, and how access is derived. With comprehensive data access, governance reporting and analysis, you'll be able to respond quickly to audit and attestation challenges.

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Provision network access based on identity

Use identity-based policies to automatically provision data storage, assign permissions, and control access. With Data Access Governance, you can provision users more quickly and free up IT resources.

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Secure and protect unstructured data

Monitor high-risk data, notify data owners when permissions change, and enforce lock down and fencing policies. With identity-driven policies, you can reduce the risk of unauthorized access, non-compliance, and data breaches.

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